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JULiA-Metering pump

CE geprüfte Sicherheit
JULiA Dosierpumpe JJP 4

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JUDO JULiA Dosing Pumps
For reliable protection against corrosion and limescale deposits

The drinking water from your water tap is biologically and hygienically pure, and complies with the legal stipulations of drinking water regulations.

Nevertheless, thousands of householders every year wake up to an unpleasant surprise. Corrosion and limescale deposits cause serious damage to household water installations. But with the accurately dosed addition of very small quantities of JUDO JUL mineral solution, expensive damage caused by the formation of limescale and rust can be effectively prevented. A protective layer is also built up inside the pipe.

JUDO JULiA dosing pumps protect your system against the undesirable effects caused by the heating of water

Limescale deposits:
Water contains dissolved carbonates that are deposited in warm water supply systems as limescale when the water is heated.

The consequences:
» higher energy consumption and environmental contamination
» longer heating-up times
» repairs
» cleaning costs due to descaling using acids

Through the accurate addition of JUL mineral solution, the hardness constituents in the water are stabilised, i.e. they remain in solution even when the water is heated, where they can cause no more damage.

Corrosion damage:
Water also contains carbonic acid, which is released when the water is heated. This is one of the main causes of corrosion damage. The carbonic acid released also prevents the build-up of a homogenous protective layer in water pipes.

The consequences:
» pitting corrosion in the water pipe
» formation of rust nodules
» discoloration of the water

These are the causes of expensive repair work. However, proper treatment can prevent further damage even in pipes already at risk. The water comes out of the tap clear and colourless again.

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